Marriage procedures of foreign nationals in Turkey , who are not a cıtızien of Turkish Republic: Foreign nationals have to get a certificate telling that they dont have a diriment impediment, from their own consulate in Turkey and have to deliver it to the general registry office. Two foreigners who wants to get married in Turkey, can be married by Turkish laws, there is no prevention for that. But, parties, after they get a letter of authority for getting married from their own consulate in person or through a lawyer from notary who has been authorized by them, they can apply to the general registry office.On the proxy that has been given to the lawyer; it must clearly be specifed that the lawyer has been authorized for doing the marriage procedures. After the health certificate and application material of parties are completed, the civil contract is made in front of the registry office and this civil contact is to be sent to the consulate of these foreigners, so it becomes offical.

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